A financial supporter of Enfoque Ciudad . . . . . .

“The Lord has blessed us this past year and we are so thankful and delighted to bless you as well. We know how well you and Darren’s stewardship is of the funds that come your way. It is so much better to give to “faces” we know instead of just a website of an organization and also to know from the center of activity what and where the funds go. We have the easy job, “holding the ropes”, and we pray for you all and are very excited in the work the Lord has put before you. God bless you! With much love.”

Youth Groceries

If there’s one thing that all 18 year-olds have in common, it’s that they eat a ton! Our favorite time are the family meals together… it’s such a cool fellowship time. Here at Horizon, we provide daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Electric Bill

This provides all of the electricity that we need to run our staff housing, youth program, and orphanage for one month.

Youth Movie Night

Wednesday nights at the movies in Mexico  are 2 for 1. This allows us to take all of the youth to the movies for a fun outing.

Gasoline for Vehicles

Many of your kids are teenagers, so you can understand the expense of gasoline!