Those Who Turned The World Upside Down

A Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles

Darren’s commentary on the Book of Acts in the New Testament details westward expansion of the Gospel through the Apostle Paul in the first century. The book provides incredible historic detail, explaining the text chapter by chapter, verse by verse, truly showing the adventures and sufferings for their Savior, Jesus, of “those who turned the world upside down.” (Acts 17:6)

By blending a coffee-house conversational style with solid Biblical scholarship, Darren has written a book that is both personal and insightful.
— Jamey Pappas, Director of CRU, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Campus

“Un Gabacho Se Cruza a Mexico" [Spanish copy]

“A Gringo Crosses the Border to Mexico” [English copy]

Darren describes his experience in moving to Mexico and reaching youth with the gospel. The book highlights many of his personal experiences with street kids and troubled youth that God placed in his way. This book will catch your eye if you want to learn more about the Hurst brothers experience in Mexico.

The Hurst brothers are men filled with passion, love for people, and faith. They have real stories to tell because they enthusiastically live what they believe. When common sense would tell you to back off, the Hurst brothers pick it up a notch. As a result, they are making a difference in people’s lives in Mexico. Through Christ, they are giving hope and a future to people in Mexico who once lived only in despair.
— Steve Morgan, Director, CRU, Puebla, Mexico

¿La Religion Salva? Nel. (Does Religion Save? Nope.)

The eight chapters of this book explore a personal letter from Justin to a total of eight people he met in Mexico, explaining the message of Jesus in its cultural context. The book primarily emphasizes answers to common objections to the Gospel by non-believers and attempts to answer their toughest questions about the faith, while combining a lot of culture and punch!

Don’t let their appearance fool you: the Hurst brothers are radical in the best meaning of the word. These guys have a powerful and transforming history: they have been touched by the love of Jesus. And this love empowers them to turn on the adventure, one that few venture.
— George Palau, Director of Grace Children’s Home, Tijuana, Mexico